Testimonial from Steve Bassett; NZ

I am a kiwifruit grower in the Te Puke region of the Bay of Plenty N.Z. IMG_1224 (768x1024)

The orchard that is protected by the tow and blow is 20 metres above sea level. It has a gold and green variety of kiwifruit that require frost protecting in the spring –September to November. The total area is 3.4 canopy hectares in three blocks divided by internal shelter (casurina).

The Tow and Blow is located between the two largest blocks and the lower branches have been removed on the shelter of the smallest block so the moving air can penetrate there.

This is the first season that we have used the Tow and Blow. We successfully protected the orchard this spring with the most severe frost of minus three degrees at 0100hrs .The machine   was started   at 2 degrees C  and the electronic monitor showed an immediate  rise to 3 degrees C  and remained in the range of 1degree C to 3 degrees C  until 0700hrs when the machine was turned off.

The orchard is located on the outskirts of a small village with close neighbours. They say they can barely hear it.

Steve Bassett; Paengaroa; Te Puke; NZ


Testimonial below from John Parsons; Hawkes Bay; NZ.

I was impressed by the design features of the Tow and Blow. During a spring which has brought many frosts causing damage to neighbouring unprotected crops, the Tow and Blow has proved its worth on my apple crop. It has proven to be quiet, economical, reliable and well worth the investment . John Parsons


Testimonial below from Robert Jeffries:-

Here is a brief overview of our experience with the Tow & Blow windmill. Our avocado orchard is situated in a relatively flat paddock (about 3 hectares) – with a couple of slightly lower areas. The cold air stream comes from an adjacent valley exposed to the south.

We purchased our Tow & Blow in August 2012 to give us a viable option to protect our crop. Our trees are about 8 metres tall. 

Here in the Te Puke are (Bay of Plenty, NZ) we can have spring frosts which damage flowers and may cause long tern damage to the growing tips too. We also have problems with frost during the winter months (June, July, August) when the fruit is growing toward maturity for harvesting.

Frost temperatures in this region don’t normally drop much below -2 degrees C but a frost is always a critical event for avocados. In the past we have suffered damage from winter frost and subsequently lost many trays of fruit with the stems failing and fruit dropping before maturity.

We purchased the Tow & Blow in time to give us frost protection during August and September for our somewhat mediocre crop which was harvested in early December. At this time of the year the flowers are also forming so we knew they would also benefit from being kept from freezing.

Our current crop is looking like being our best ever and we attribute much of that to having the Tow & Blow wind machine.

We have a temperature sensor which gives is an audible alarm when the temperature gets down to +1.5 degrees C. This allows us time to get the windmill started before the temperature reaches zero. Run time depends on the start-time. Sometimes we have had to run the windmill for more than 8 hours when the chilling has set in before midnight, other times it’s been a mere 4 hours or so when the temperature has dropped in the early hours of the morning.

We also have a kiwifruit orchard which needs protection from Spring frosts. We installed an overhead water sprinkler system in that orchard several years ago. We opted for water protection since a windmill or helicopter does not provide protection from an “advective” frost – which may or may not occur.

Since using the Tow & Blow for the avocado block we can appreciate the benefits of a Tow & Blow windmill system over a water system – painless installation, no worry of blocked sprinklers, no getting wet, less maintenance, very user friendly.

We have no personal experience with “regular tower fans” but have neighbours who use them. We opted for the Tow & Blow since it doesn’t require a “resource consent” from our local council (which costs more money). The other benefits that attracted us are that the Tow & Blow is portable, which means set-up is simple and allows for moving to another site is necessary; running costs are very efficient and the Tow & Blow fan design and set-up gives great value for money.

Robert Jeffries and Val Lilburne