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Yes, the Tow & Blow is a world first in providing portable and reliable frost protection crops for a huge cross-section of plants, vines and trees – in a variety of environments and in challenging, freezing temperatures. This wind machine is portable but effective, efficient but affordable and most importantly, it has been proven a hugely successful frost fan. The Tow and Blow is adaptable in freezing conditions and the shrouded impeller is uniquely capable in a variety of growing conditions, for a variety of frost prone crops. It beats frost and freezing in plants by simplifying the science. Not by complicating it.

Frost protection Crops using Portable Wind Machine

in operating position (1211x1280)shot from top of hill (1280x673)

side view lowered(1280x746)WATER COOLING SYSTEM STATORS DIESEL MODEL Schillinger machines after unloading IMG_4037 CROPPED Italy alter operating height IMG_4012 - CopyDIESEL MODEL HALF RAISED POSITION