05 Jun 2012

Is this machine really safe?

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  • Historically Wind machines were all EOT’s (Engine on Top) and they used WW2 surplus aeroplane propellers. As these ran out; extruded alloy blades were designed. The original EOT’s were in fact quite an efficient design. They blew away from the tower and used a smaller engine to achieve a greater area of frost protection than most modern Wind Machines do today.
  • Health and Safety reasons pushed the construction of WM’s to what is today ground power driven via gear boxes and long drive shafts. A large engine is needed because of the loss of power with this method, together with the huge drag created by the sheer length of the blades (up to 21 feet in diameter).
  • Tow & Blow has taken away the safety concern of the EOT by removing the need to climb high ladders to service the machine. Tow & Blow’s en-gine and impellor are safely lowered to ground level for servicing, transportation and storage purposes.
  • For safety reasons, the fan can only run when the boom is raised.