05 Jun 2012

How can we claim Tow and Blow is undoubtedly the most efficient wind machine in the world?

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  • We guarantee maximum air flow possible from minimum HP.
  • Our impeller delivers 85% of the engines power as directional air making it the most efficient Wind Machine in the world.
  • The shrouded impeller ensures airflow, velocity and volume are maximised.
  • Because our impeller is in a shroud, its performance has been proven to increase by up to 95% (over non shrouded). This coupled with the fact that the engine sits right behind the impellor delivering its power direct means much less HP is required to achieve the same job.
  • No need to pull out vines or trees to install, thereby maximising your income from your crop.
  • No installation cost.
  • No concrete foundations.
  • No cost of resource consents and building permits.
  • Easy low cost service.
  • Fuel consumption is only 5 Litres an hour.