26 Oct 2012

Comments from very happy customers after using the Tow and Blow Wind Machine for Protecting crops from frost damage.

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Wine Grower in Marlborough New Zealand comments that the Tow and Blow Wind Machine is producing a 4 degree temperature lift in his valley. He has never been able to frost protect his valley before. The Tow and Blow fan can be angled to blow straight down the valley and move all of the cold air out. Area being protected greater than 4 hectares.

Apple grower in Hawkes Bay New Zealand reports that his neighbour has lost 40% of his crop to frost on Tuesday morning. His Tow and Blow Wind Machine has protected his entire 4 hectares. He expected to see some damage at the edges of his property, but there was none at all. This shows that greater than 4 hectares was being protected. He is so delighted to be using only 5 litres of petrol an hour. He is saving at least $4,000 a year in petrol with Tow and Blow. The apple orchard is situated in a very cold area, and the frost was a -3 degree. He is close to residents and there have been no noise issues at all.


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